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In the sector of exhaust gas techniques, we are able to manufacture all connection variants, and can supply, among others, a 10 mm wide exhaust flange, a finely blanked flange, a steel sheet flange or a pipe clamp connection. This spectrum is internationally unparalleled and testament to the high level of competence and creativity of our company.

The advantages for our customer are clear and obvious: cost-efficient manufacturing through precise customisation of the special prefabricated parts. As at the beginning of the project it is often not clear which connection type is most suitable in the specific case in question. Furthermore, priorities often change during the project phase, e.g. towards a reduction in component costs. Thanks to this conceptual manoeuvrability, we are already very confident today that Ernst Klimmer GmbH will continue to be a leading generalist and specialist for stamping techniques and metal forming in the future.

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