The company.

We remain in the lead thanks to diversity and flexibility.

Stamping and forging with up to 1,000 t of compressive force, sheet metal thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 16 mm – these figures illustrate the unusually wide range of services that our company provides.

On a production area measuring roughly 25,500 m², approximately 330 employees produce over 20,000 t of steel, stainless steel and aluminium per year. On this basis, we achieve an annual turnover of over 68 million euros.

A globally unique range of services.

We supply our products to the automotive and electrical industry, for vehicle construction as well as to manufacturers of self-service systems located all over the globe.

With over 30 million produced flanges and clamps each year, we are not only one of the leading companies in the field of exhaust gas technology; we are the only company in the world to also produce all connection variants in-house.

Our spectrum ranges from 12 mm thick exhaust gas flanges, fine blanking flanges, sheet steel flanges through to complete pipe clamp connections.

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Our vision.

“We want to become a globally leading provider of high-tech solutions in the field of stamping and forming technology.”


Cooperation in a strong team is our basis for an efficient further development on a global market. In doing so, our vision is the commitment of all employees to work towards the common objectives of the company. Everybody pulls together – as a team belonging to a global quality leader.


Our mission.

“Innovative capacity, customer proximity, diversity and sustainable methods make Ernst Klimmer GmbH a premium partner and international trendsetter in the field of stamping and forming technology – both today as well as in the future.”


Leading and innovative yet familiar and down-to-earth – the mission of

Ernst Klimmer GmbH is part of a company philosophy that outlasts product or market cycles, technological innovations and management methods.


Our company values.

The following value system illustrates the company values of Ernst Klimmer GmbH.

The values depicted in the circle apply in all sectors. The values “familiar”, “innovative” and “leading” are of particular importance and take precedence over the others.



Our guidelines.

The guidelines of our company are binding for all employees and form a reliable basis for the business relations with the partners and customers of Ernst Klimmer GmbH.

Our guidelines are based on the four following principles:

  • Customer-oriented range of services
  • Successful employees
  • Sustainable methods
  • Value-oriented strategy

Our complete guidelines are available for download here.


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