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Klimmer. High tech in top form.

Stamping and forming technology since 1969.

Our passion.

Passionate about forming technology.

We have been active in the field of forming technology for over five decades. We specialise in developing the most complex tools and in cutting-edge production processes and their monitoring. We are constantly shifting the limits of what can be manufactured.

Torsten Klimmer
Managing Shareholder

Our company.

  • luftaufnahme werk burgau

    Company grounds in the Ostpreußenstraße in Burgau.

  • Eingangsbereich Ernst Klimmer GmbH Burgau

    Entrance area Ernst Klimmer GmbH Burgau.

  • production machine fleet press compressive force

    Press compressive force of 1,000 t.

  • assembly production line

    Lower tool part.

  • produkte stanz umformtechnik

Our business fields.

Flanges and panels.

From a small flange for exhaust gas return systems to a single-component head flange for five-cylinder engines, our comprehensive product range covers all conceivable types of flanges and panels.

  • Punching flanges
  • Forging flanges
  • Forming flanges
  • Fine blanking flanges
  • Sheet metal flanges
  • Panels

Our clamps are designed and aligned precisely for your respective application. These clamps are primarily used in cooling systems, exhaust gas technology and turbochargers. Other applications can be found in the chassis segment.

  • V-profile clamps
  • V-belt clamps
  • Single-component clamps
  • Stabiliser clamps
Drawn parts.

We manufacture steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel as well as aluminium and copper sheet metal.

  • Thread forming
  • Catalytic converter shells
  • Funnels
  • Cover panels
  • Electric motor housings
  • Roller housings
All business fields

Everything from one source with up to 1,000 t of compressive force.

We are in our element when it comes to stamping, forming and fine blanking with compressive forces of up to 1,000 t. We enjoy a challenge and like narrow tolerances and dense, difficult-to-machine materials.

Figures. Data. Facts.

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Important facts at a glance.

Headquarters | Burgau, Germany

Founded | 1969

Employees | approx. 330

Annual sales | approx. EUR 69 million

Production area | approx. 25,500 m2

Product diversity | approx. 2,000 products

Use of material | approx. 20,000 tonnes a year

Global delivery locations | 341 in 26 countries

Working for Klimmer