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Range of services.


Stamping and forming parts with up to 1,000 tonnes of compressive force, sheet-metal with a thickness ranging from 0.8 to 16 mm – these figures alone illustrate the incredibly wide range of services that our company provides.

We supply our products to discerning customers in the automotive and electrical industry, for vehicle construction as well as to manufacturers of self-service systems located all over the world.

Producing over 30 million flanges and clamps each year, we are one of the leading global companies in the field of exhaust gas technology and cooling systems.

Flanges & panels.

flanges panels

From a small flange for exhaust gas return systems to a single-component head flange for five-cylinder engines, our comprehensive range consists of

  • punching flanges
  • forging flanges
  • forming flanges
  • fine blanking flanges
  • sheet metal flanges
  • panels


Heat-resistant steels with a sheet metal thickness of up to 16 mm can be used for production.

Flanges and panels



Our clamps are specifically developed and aligned for the respective application. These clamps are primarily used in exhaust gas technology, turbocharger and chassis segments.


Drawn parts.

ziehteile metall blech

Examples of drawn parts include catalytic converter shells, funnels and wheel housings, e.g. for shopping trolleys. Steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel as well as aluminium sheet metal and copper sheet metal are all processed.

Drawn parts


holders metal

The spectrum of holders we supply is enormous and ranges from small holders in the engine segment to welded assemblies for applications in commercial vehicles.

General sheet metal parts.

general sheet metal parts stamping technology forming technology

The scope of our general sheet metal parts ranges from precise individual parts to complete assemblies.

Prototypes & samples.

The development and manufacture of prototypes is an essential preliminary stage for downstream production. This allows you to adapt the manufacturing process for an individual part to ensure the most cost-effective volume production.

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