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Tool manufacturing.

Ultimate know-how.

We have been active in the field of tool manufacturing for over five decades. We are leading experts in the development, simulation, construction and production of the most complex stamping and forming tools. This exceptional know-how is of direct benefit to our customers – courtesy of efficient detailed solutions, excellent efficiency and optimum added value.

Insights into tool manufacturing.

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    Zero point clamping system.

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    Employee in the tool manufacturing.

We manufacture individual tools and progressive tools measuring up to 3,500 mm in length and weighing up to 8 t at our premises.

Innovation since 1969.

The difference is in the details. Innovation since 1969.

High-performance tool manufacturing.

Our tool manufacturing equipment includes cutting-edge CNC machining centres as well as wire and vertical eroding machines. A zero-point clamping system provides flexibility and efficiency even for small-scale, customised production.

We construct and produce cutting tools, stamping tools, forming tools as well as complex progressive tools, transfer tools and fine blanking tools. Although we construct parts based on customer data in the most diverse formats, our objective always remains the same – to find the most economic and highest quality volume production solution.

We construct and produce stamping and forming tools as well as complex progressive, transfer and fine blanking tools with lengths of up to 3,600 mm.

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