production 1000 tonnes compressive force

Production and machine fleet.


Everything from one source with up to 1,000 t of compressive force.

We are in our element during all procedures when it comes to stamping, forming and fine blanking with compressive forces of up to 1,000 tonnes, even when handling small batch quantities. We enjoy a challenge and like narrow tolerances and dense, difficult-to-machine materials. We are also capable of handling the entire spectrum of further processing including the latest process monitoring by means of structure-borne sound and visual systems. What does this mean for you? Excellent efficiency and maximum quality from a single source – and all of this on a cross-sector basis.

Machine fleet.

machine fleet fine blanking presses

Fine blanking presses with up to 880 t of compressive force.

  • Fine blanking presses with between 400 and 880 t of compressive force
  • Coil systems with a sheet metal thickness of up to 12 mm
machine fleet automatic forming machines

Automatic forming machines for all tasks.

  • Automatic forming machines with between 100 and 1,000 t of compressive force
  • Table lengths up to 3,600 mm
  • Coil systems with a sheet metal thickness of up to 10 mm
  • For progressive tools or with transfer systems
machine fleet hydraulic presses klimmer

Hydraulic presses with up to 315 t of compressive force.

  • Presses with between 6 and 315 t of compressive force
  • Table sizes up to 2,000 x 1,000 mm
machine fleet machining klimmer


  • CNC machining centres
  • Multi-spindle drilling machines
  • Grinding machines – also for processing stainless steel
machine fleet grinding klimmer


  • Daisy-chain grinding lines
  • Separate systems for stainless steel / C-steel
  • Camera monitoring systems
machine fleet assemblies klimmer


  • Assembly
  • Rivets
machine fleet eccentric presses klimmer

Eccentric presses with up to 1,000 t of compressive force.

  • Eccentric presses with between 10 and 1,000 t of compressive force, in some instances complete with drawing cushions or automatic insertion devices
  • Toggle lever presses with up to 1,000 t of compressive force
  • Processing of sheet metals with up to 16 mm thickness
machine fleet welding klimmer

Welding machines.

  • Shielded arc welding with robots and automation
  • Resistance press welding machines
  • Automated welding machines
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