The success story of Ernst Klimmer GmbH.

In 1969, company founder Ernst Klimmer took over the company in which he had himself been trained. To begin with, moulds and stamping tools were manufactured here. However, the young company soon received orders to manufacture sample parts and smaller production runs. At that time, the customers were primarily companies from the winter sports sector that ordered items such as cross-country skiing connections, ski stoppers or ski racks.

The new challenges accelerated the further development of the technical know-how and the rapid development of production plants ultimately facilitated entry into the automotive industry.

In 1987, Ernst Klimmer GmbH erected a completely new company building on a greenfield site, which is the current company site. The relocation to these premises paved the way for the further ongoing expansion for which Torsten Klimmer is responsible today. Mr Klimmer joined the company in 1997. Since 2008, the trained toolmaker and graduate engineer has continuously directed the company according to the principle: We want to be amongst the best in our sector. Torsten Klimmer became the sole partner in 2012.




History of Ernst Klimmer.

1969: Ernst Klimmer, master toolmaker and mechanical engineer takes over the company in which he was trained, which, at the time, employed seven staff members.

1971: First expansion and the start of stamping parts production.




1975: Production of complete cross-country skiing connections, ski stoppers and ski carriers.




1979: The company employs in excess of 60 staff members. Entry into the automotive industry as a supplier.

1987: Move to the newly erected company building in Ostpreußenstraße. Expansion of production to include stamping techniques and metal forming up to a sheet metal thickness of 16 mm.

2001: Appointment of Torsten Klimmer as a further Managing Director of Ernst Klimmer GmbH.

2010: Holistic, strategic reorientation of the company including restructuring and complete process optimisation.

2012: Torsten Klimmer becomes the sole partner of Ernst Klimmer GmbH.


Ernst Klimmer (Firmengründer) und Torsten Klimmer (Geschäftsführer)

Ernst Klimmer (Company Founder) and Torsten Klimmer (Managing Shareholder)

2014: New construction of tool construction and the competence centre.


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